details on my tom ford inspired wingback chairs

i must admit that a very good tutorial takes a lot of patience and when i am in the zone...i am in the zone. unfortunately i dont have anyone hanging over my shoulders to take pictures during the process.
but i will do my best to explain.
i used:
-textile medium
-acrylic paint
-foam brush
-foam roller
-sand paper (or square)
spray bottle
i did this:
i read the instructions on the back of the textile medium bottle. then i dumped it into a cup, along with the paint and added water until the concoction was thin and starting painting.
i painted on the first layer with a foam brush and then used a foam roller.
i used water to dilute the paint just to keep it thin as possible.
the foam brush and the foam roller seem to eliminate the appearance of brush strokes.  
i used fleece from the local fabric store for the detailing.

here are some questions you have asked and my answers..

Q: does the type of fabric matter.
A: quite possibly. the fabric is a variable and can most definitely alter the look and perhaps feel of the
     finish. i can't make a definitive statement, because i only painted my chairs.

Q: does the paint get on your clothes.
A: not at all. the textile medium is a permanent bonding solution that when mixed with paint will become permanent to textile or fabric (of course anything is possible. remember the story of the titanic?)

Q: does the paint crack when you sit on it?
A: nope.

i don't know if they will last 3 months, 3 years, or 300 years. but i will be sure to update you as time pushes on.
this is how both chairs look in my home. it takes some time to complete a chair.  so don't rush. take your time.

if you missed the actually chairs click here or here or

it only cost me less than $10 to redo both chairs.
$10 versus a $1,000 and up for both chairs. i will take $10 alex.

i really need more clients to test out more
okay NOW who is ready to paint a chair?