48 hour SALE for Jan VIDEO consultations

i am pleased to offer a 48 hour sale for video consultation booking in january 2012.

truth is, i cant travel to everyone, but you deserve to have a great home on any budget.

there will be $50 off the video design consultation. this is a great holiday gift idea for someone who has a room full of stuff but are unsure of how to bring it all together.

after purchasing your desired hours of consultations , i send you a questionnaire that begins to analyze the needs that you have for your particular space. i take your response including any inspirational images and then i send you an email with an inspirational moodboard of what i have chosen for your space.

i will offer paint colors for furniture pieces, upholstery suggestions, tips and tutorial for do-it-yourself projects.

the hour consultation will be done by me or someone on my design team. its best to conduct the video design in the space that is being designed. during this time you may ask all questions such as, "does this chair i bought 2 years ago work in this space?"

the first few moments are dedicated to explaining the design plan that has been created. the next moments are for your questions and hands on (virtual) designing. the design portion goes as such, "move that chair over there. bring that picture up about 5 inches."

while the session is taking place you are being emailed links that connect you directly to pieces being discussed.

during this consultation you take me on a tour of your closet. i see what it is you have available and try to connect pieces that can bring a cohesive look to your style.

before hand you will send me images of styles you like.

i will suggest pieces and offer sources for where you can buy certain items.

if you have been contemplating the VIDEO CONSULTATION for you or anyone else, this is a perfect time to grab a few.

its only for 48 hours because the space is VERY limited. you can click the side bar to purchase any number of hours you desire.

if you have specific questions, you can send them directly to rashon@rashoncarraway@gmail.com.