I LOVE THRIFTING DAY 2012...will be.....

welp, there it is...you heard it here first...or second...lol i hope all of you will join me next summer for an amazing time of meeting new friends and shopping. i will have much more information starting in 2012.
i had an awesome awesome time in atlanta. kerrie and keren are total rock stars. they made sure everything was set up perfectly and even managed to get a smile out of me.
thank you to the goodwill perimeter who allowed me to man handle their store on friday evening for a meet and greet. we picked out some great pieces and placed them on the GOOD rack. let me tell you,  some of those clothes were there for like 10 seconds before they were scooped up.
saturday morning was the BIG the announcement party at b&r thrift store. the entire staff was so warm and welcoming.
 i was decked out in a purple official "i <3 thrifting" 2012 t-shirt.
i really wanted to wear this army camo jacket with my "i <3 thrifting" t-shirt, but the sleeves were too short. as i look back now, i could have probably made it work.
i could not leave atlanta without giving away a few t-shirts. so i did
everyone seemed to really enjoy the shirts. so many were picked up via the site on saturday. you can also pick up your official "i <3 thrifting" 2012 t-shirt by going to the side bar and clicking on the t-shirt tab.
i also co-hosted a thrift fashion show that was quite fantastic. the models were dressed in items found in the b&r thrift store. there were some really good finds and many of the models bought what they were styled in. they were good sports and i really appreciate them for taking time to show how fashionable you can be while shopping thrift. 
i could not have styled the men without kelly and troy of rebel society mmx. these young men were awesome all day long.

just because i am in a great mood and to see who is reading...lol, i am going to giveaway a t-shirt if you tweet me saying "I'm going to #ilovethriftingday2012!" 

thanks so much to keren for some of the photos i "borrowed." LOL. if you want to see more photos you can click here

if you blogged about the ANNOUNCEMENT PARTY on this past saturday please let me know.

tomorrow i am back with my holiday decor...lol.