thrifty thursday: tartan pants

if you remember in my chair makeover i used a tartan fleece. i also told you that i also found a pair of brooks brothers pants while thrifting. well here they are. matter of fact both these pieces are thrifted.

i do love these pants. bright...yes. bold...yes.
but it's the holiday!

i only thrift for clothes that i can not buy brand new. meaning these tartan pants would be extremely hard to find on my budget, plus only a few brand actually produce them.

such a great find.

also, don't forget to join me in ATLANTA on this SATURDAY December 3rd for the "i <3 thrifting" ANNOUCNEMENT PARTY.

here is the evite.

i am also hosting a private meet and greet at the goodwill perimeter on this friday. you can RSVP for that by emailing me

i will be back later on in the day with the details on the chair makeover.

so have you found any good clothing pieces while thrifting?