crisis averted: my weekend saga

this weekend i traveled home for a few engagements. before leaving, i packed my wool navy blue 3 piece suit. i also threw in a pair of jeans and speckled pair of tweed pants. this was enough to take me through the weekend and offer up variations on my wear.
when i arrived home (my parent's house), i realized i left my entire garment bag. between throwing my pendleton bag on my shoulder, wrangling my dSLR camera, i left behind my most important luggage. i should have put that in the car first. i didn't. Eh.

i have bespoked suits, off-the-rack suits and thrifted suits in my closet. in a moment like this i needed something fresh that really spoke to my personal style. since my hometown doesn't offer much by way of great quality men stores, i visited the local thrift store. to my great fortune i found this amazing three piece grey speckled my size.

unfortunately the pants were a wee bit snuggy. ummm. i don't do those. ha!
so my crisis this weekend was avoided by a mere trip to a local thrift shop. say what you want, but the quality garments i can find in these places often surpasses the quality of clothing that is currently on the market.

so all in all, my weekend crisis was a averted.
fyi: i am tempted to list this suit for sale, im just not sure any of you guys really want it. lol. if you do drop me an email. 

vintage suit, tommy hilfiger shirt, brooks brothers tie geoffrey beene pocket square.