remember this?

some of you may remember this makeover i completed on the nate berkus show earlier last year. one of the unconventional items i introduced into the space was the easel. here are a few before shots of the easel that has NEVER been released. EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS!! (okay so its not that big a
chris was able to get it for me for a really great price. thanks chris.

i really wanted it for myself, but i dont think shipping it back to south carolina would have been worth 
there are a number of online resources that are great for finding amazing easels should you want to use one in your space.
i am not sure who came up with the amazing idea of mounting the television onto an easel, but you know what. it works. well for me anyway. do they make wireless televisions?

i first came across the tv on an easel idea after seeing it on the restoration hardware website. since then they have totally blew my mind and came up with this you see above. a nickeled finished tv easel. yes. i want one. 

i know a have more beautiful ladies reading my blog than men, so your husbands would probably appreciate this. i am sure he would agree that this piece is PERFECT.
now the price tag isn't really in my budget at the moment, but i think it is totally worth it. especially in a space where the television is the focal point (which should be in every room...LOL)
i like the literal approach to the above easel from anthropologie. it is a bit pricey and i think you could probably diy one for about 90% less than what they sell it for. i did see a few easels in my local hobby lobby and i am sure there are other arts and crafts stores where you can purchase them as well. 
this post definitely hints towards the notion that i may or may not have found an easel recently. so, what are your thoughts on easels?