thrifting: 3 piece navy wool suit

some men like sneakers. some women like handbags. me? i like suits. i picked up this three piece navy wool suit from a thrift store the other week. the price was excellent and the wool fabric is certainly appropriate this time of year.
when i buy a suit from a thrift store it has to be vintage. the quality of vintage clothing often supersedes much of the mass produced garments found in today's retail market.
it is very rare that i will wear an off-the-rack garment without getting it altered to fit me. this holds true to thrifted pieces as well. for this suit i had the flared pant legs straighten and lengthen, the vest was taken in on the sides as well as the jacket. as long as it fits me in the shoulders i can pretty much have the other parts altered at a reasonable cost. 
without a doubt a three piece suit is versatile. just last week i wore the vest and jacket with a pair of jeans. as you can see above the jacket was removed and the just the pants and vest are worn.  
women aren't the only ones that can have fun with accessories. while i don't really wear necklaces or bracelets, i do have an extensive collection of watches and cufflinks. most of my links are vintage. i do pair thrifted and vintage pieces with signature garments, such as this keaton collared ralph lauren purple label shirt.

i have a few more suits that i picked up for the spring. as the weather changes i will take them in for surgery.