hello my name is...and you are?

its the weekend. so glad for it.

a few of you have been with me since my very first post. since that post a lot has changed. a lot. i wanted to take a moment to let some of my new friends know who i am and perhaps get to know some of you as well.

my name is rashon  (ruh-shun). my family calls me 'shon and my auntie calls me shonnie. which is a combination of my first name ronnie and my middle name rashon. i have a 3 year old silky terrier who is my best friend. i currently live in rock hill, sc. i have been here since i started college in 2002. while the city is nice i am ready for something that sharpens my skills and social prowess. 

 i am blessed to have both parent who have been married for almost 3o years. i have a sister, a brothe,r two nieces and a nephew. i love all of them dearly and they know it.

i had the worst and the best childhood. i dont like sad sob stories, just know from birth GOD  had his hands on me and his grace has kept me.

i have been singing since i could remember and started directing the choir at a very early age. i do wish i had stayed more into the music scene, but im grateful for where i am.

so this blog is really a combination for my love of thrift store shopping and fashion. if you read many of the previous posts you will see quite a few posts about my wardrobe. how i got into interior design is not really a long story, but a story none-the-less.

lori (she is sooo beautiful!!) sent me an email one february day saying she liked my bedroom and would i be interested in appearing on stage in new york to talk to nate berkus about it. you can check out that video here.

from that first visit, nate really pushed me into exploring the world of interior design. i had never really done it before, but he challenged me in such a way that i am so thankful he did. so with my love of shopping at thrift stores i started channeling my attention to furniture pieces as a means of inspiring all of you to thrift and score a deal as well as save some money.

since that time i have made several tv appearances, spoken about my blog for several groups and have been enjoying the ride.

i am able to do all of this free and clear because my job downsized in 2010 and decided they no longer needed me.

dont let me fool you into thinking i am wealthy by any means. no. since i am by myself i don't have the luxury of a second income that comes along with a spouse. nope. its just me, a laptop and a few fabric swatches. although there are stressful days i never talk about, i am so blessed to be able to inspire so many with my talent.

i am not the biggest, but i try to do my best.

well that is a little about me. id like to know about you. tell me your name. where you are from and few snippets about your life. no need to plug your blog in the comments. there will be an opportunity for that very soon. i just want to know a little bit about you.