the green team...

tonight i am the guest speaker for a sorority's program on adding design to your space with a limited college budget. i definitely know what that is like.

 i dont normally plan out what i am going to wear to an event, but i have a few pieces in my closet i want to wear before the season changes. one of those items is a pair of vintage green trousers that i have had for almost 3 years and have only worn twice.
the pant you see in this image really shows how you can instantly create a preppy look with just a few pieces. if you are a fan of this look, you can actually buy this entire look from my online store. a pair of green trousers are listed HERE and HERE. i also have an awesome stock of amazing double breasted navy blazers that you can purchase as well. if you dont see your size send me an email with your size request (found on the site).
 not to be one sided, so how awesome is this green changing in this little one's room. it adds just the right amount of color to make what is a basic room, more of a statement room.
this transformation done by natty of natty by designs uses such a rich and vibrant green color. natalie's professional touch really makes you want to go out and find something amazing and paint it a green.
 just recently i came across this green oscar de la renta dress, worn by marlo hampton who is a cast member of the real house wives of atlanta reality tv show. i dont watch the show so i really do know much about it, but i think this dress is a great addition to today's green team.

so are you part of the green team this spring?
is it in your house?
your closet?