she told me it wasn't cupcakes...

when prissy from rush our fashion told me she wanted to send me something, i asked her if she was sending me cupcakes. she said no. humph. instead she sent me these amazing plaid pants. there were a bit too big, so i took them to my tailor and had them altered.
when i found this amazing wine colored corduroy blazer, i knew immediately i would pair the two together. (HERE is a similar blazer). i wore this fit to an event at my local neiman marcus event last night. the jacket was the most complimented item of the night. it was a really nice find.
my bag was literally a steal from a thrift store as well. this lady told me it was a pocket book and that i should give it to her. my shoes are vintage and i bought them off ebay a few years ago.

many of you have asked about the watch i am wearing. it is by fossil and i think i got it as a gift some years ago. maybe i bought it. not sure. i have a lot of watches and i have to consciously remember to wear them. i often forget.

so no cupcakes, but its good to have blog friends who know your style and are willing to send you items just because. prissy...thanks soooo much.

now what else can i wear these pants

just a few more hours to register for the Thrifting 101 Seminar...HERE!