WEEKEND MOVING SALE (spring cleaning)

i hope you guys are having an amazing weekend so far.

well time springs forward this weekend which means its time to start spring cleaning. i have seem to have accumulated a number of items in my home that i have used in a while. so its time to move these things out.
first up is my ralph lauren ludlow pendant in gold.
i was so very excited to fin this lighting fixture in homegoods, but i never used it. i paid $162 for it tax included. you can own it for your best offer. just email me. you can learn more about it here.
remember this sofa? i love it! had it re-done, but its time for a new look. i spent $20 for it and $500 to have it redone. you can have it, just make me a decent offer.

the coffee table you see in the image is also for sale. going for something a little lighter. i paid $175 for it, but with a great offer it can be yours. its heavy like 3 man moving heavy. LOL.

i may be letting other things go as well (mirrors, lamps etc) just email me at mr.goodwillhunting@gmail.com and we can set up an arrangement.