5 treasures from the weekend

i hope everyone had a great weekend. i did. i was able to have dinner with mom on saturday and we went to a few stores and found something special that i will tell you guys about very soon. i also met some viewers of the nate show who also are fans of my design work. its always great to know your work is admired. 
here are 5 treasures i came across this weekend. 
i did an install on yesterday (sunday) and my client brought out this small 12 x 12 painting she picked up while in rhode island a few weeks ago. i think it is beautiful and has so many amazing colors and is truly a great starting point for any room. i did manage to work a small gallery wall around this which i am excited to share with you...very soon.
 i picked up 2 packs of merchandise tags (100 count each) from office depot before i jaunted to teach choir rehearsal back home. they were very inexpensive and i thought they would be excellent candidates for personalize gift tags. i will be sure to show you photos when i complete them.
so im cheating a bit. i didnt score this vintage blazer this weekend, but its too amazing was to not to blog about. i actually picked it up earlier last week. in the words of jay-z, "it ain't for everybody."
how great is this georges briard mirrored ice bucket? this iphone picture does an awful job of showing how beautiful it really is. i dont buy a lot of trinkets, so i figured i could treat myself to this one. its definitely barcart worthy.
ever since this POST, i have received so many requests from guys wanting to obtain their own piece of this iconic and timeless fabric. i came across this amazing speckled tweed blazer with arm patches, that was made in france. the construction is amazing. i especially appreciate side vents that begin at the same height of the side pockets. a number of modern suit's venting is just too short for my taste. hence my love for vintage wear.

how was your weekend?
did you make any special purchases that just made you smile?