THRIFT TIP: dont you walk away from me...

there are a few moments times i have walked away from items contemplating whether i should buy them or not.

remember THIS? yea i walked away until i was scolded by a friend.

i actually left the store and came back at THESE. crazy i know.
lynda, walked away from these 4 chairs priced at $9.99.
of course she couldnt stop thinking about them and went back for them. i surely would have seeing that the above chairs from restoration hardware are priced at $99 each. that's a 90% savings.
now i am sure my friend dayka, did not walk away from this. its a very good vintage replica of the eames lounger. she knows how to spot an amazing piece.

when you are out thrifting, there are some finds you just cant walk away from because you know finding them again, at a great price is nearly impossible. if you cant stop thinking about it and you love it, buy it. your investment will pay off every time you walk by it in your home.

so tell me,

have you ever walked away from an amazing piece and then started have the woozy tummy feeling because you really needed wanted it?