from the weekend...

hey everyone!

i hope you had an amazing weekend.

here is a little bit of what my iPhone captured.
 i popped my head into lowe's this weekend and saw this display of gelato inspired colors from valspar. i guess this hits home because i used valspar on all of my makeovers for the nate berkus show.
while thrifting i came across this grade school over-head projector. these are perfect for transferring large decals to a wall, creating a mural, or even tracing your company's logo onto a wall for a grand opening or party.

this definitely reminds me of the projector screen i used in this makeover.
 i finished the fourth flower lapel pin that i have added to my summer nautical collection. you can purchase them HERE if you would like to.
my all time favorite meal, is a bowl of buttery grits along with it's accompaniment. i can seriously have this 3 times a day and will be quite alright.
i came across these tartan curtain panels this weekend. they were only $4.99 for the pair and $2.49 for the one. the good part is that they are fully lined and looks to be professionally made. the bad part is that they are too short for the window i wanted to use.  now i have to find something to do with them. any suggestions?
 speaking of tartan, these rugby loafers i purchased from ebay, finally arrived. i bought them pre-owned. bad idea as they are a bit small. if you would like to purchase or bid on them they are listed HERE.
for the better part of the weekend, mr. benjamin was asleep beside me while i worked on a few projects. 

so how was your weekend?