so guess what happened...

after 3 years of fighting the lebron james hairline i decided to go bald, permanently.
i rarely blog actual photos of me, but i do share quite a bit on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER.

the truth is, a receding hairline is big issue for a number of brothers. there are all kinds of small tricks that can help disguise it. i've done a few and have been able to mask it. however, after 2 weeks straight in a row of my barber being unavailable, i decided to shave it all off. first of all, not being able going to get my hair cut is not cool. if i do get it cut from a different barber it is a high probability that my tape line will be jacked up. a messed up tape line can really make things awkward. the other thing is that when i travel or speak at various events, i like to have a fresh look. this does not always happen because i am not always able to get an appointment when i need it. sooooooo going bald works on a number of levels for me.

all in all, i am okay with it.
thursday morning i attended the annual cornerstone luncheon, held by goodwill industries of the southern piedmont. there were so many inspiring stories of how people's lives were touch by the community partnerships of goodwill.

i was really moved by the story of a young lady who said she was incarcerated for 18 months because of fraudulent activities performed by her former employer. she said she had no clue such corruption was happening at the place she worked. she had to leave her four children and ended up with a criminal record and quite the story to tell.

what you don't know can hurt you.

i was so moved, touched and inspired.
i think the room of about 700 attendees were moved as well as she received an immediate standing ovation for telling her story. i am quite sure there were some tissue being passed around.
the luncheon was emceed by my client, turned friend, ms. erica bryant anchor woman for wsoc tv channel 9 news. i had a small speaking role, which led ms.erica to think i can do voice overs. truthfully, because i talk a lot...i've always wanted to do it.
a special thank you to holly cooper (pictured above) for the personal invitation to attend this years luncheon as well as the opportunity to have a small part in their presentation to their sponsors and partners. holly rocks. seriously. you will see.
my thrift shopping buddy kim (picutred in purple) was also at the luncheon and yea we hit up the thrift stores afterwards. we did a lot of good talking about the landscape of design bloggers. funny stuff.

well i hope you guys have an amazing memorial day weekend.

if you are having a cook-out don't forget to invite your friendly!!