thrifty thursday: i liked it, but didnt buy it

since i dont really need anything more to decorate my home, or rather i am not doing any more decorating, i still browse around the thrift stores and capture some great pieces.

here are photos of items i liked, but didnt buy.
the sales associate said these were like "$50 a piece." they were clearly marked $15 each, maybe i need to get a hearing aid or something.
i shared this on FACEBOOK yesterday. its solid wood so its definitely a piece that will last.
since my one day pop-up shop will be held in new york i am trying to find as many great pieces as i can before i go. this ensemble was going to be mine, but i cant wear it. sad. hopefully someone will pick it up.
i shared this 99 cent chair on FACEBOOK the other day. a single chair for 99 cent is a good deal. although the seat is faded, i actually dont mind the worn look. a high lacquered finish and maybe an accent pillow. yerp. for less than a cheeseburger you could have a nice swanky occasional chair.
these portfolio cases are so convenient for the man. sometimes i carry a briefcase and sometimes i just carry one of these. i have been finding a lot of them of the thrift stores and have started a little collection.
 anyone who knows me outside of the blog and my few tv appearances, knows that i sing. when i saw this hammond m3 my heart sunk a little bit. i love the sound of a hammond organ. unfortunately i dont play, but boy did i want it.
this plane was $44.99 at goodwill. that is way too much to pay for a used toy plane in a thrift store.
this red trunk reminded me of a makeover i did with nate. many of  you may like it because it is all chippy and worn. okay i like it too. red is my favorite color.

alright what amazing finds did you come across recently but didnt buy?

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