and for $3...i bought them

 i came across these marble book ends the other day. surprisingly they were only $2.99. i was shocked. i guess thrift store prices have been going up so much that when i actually come across a deal i have to remind my self its a good. thing. 
although one of the book ends is damaged, the fact that they are made of solid marble really stopped me in my tracks. i do not often buy tchotkes as i think they create clutter and over time can be a money waster. however, every now and then i do buy one piece. like this horse bookends.
 i will more than likely stash them away and bring them out when i finally buy a house. as i look that wont be anytime soon.
 i do think if you are trying to create vignettes in your space small inexpensive trendy items are great for that.

so have you found anything for $3?

do tell.