...haven 2012...

i was asked to speak at haven 2012 on last year. i am so glad i accepted. it was an amazing blog conference. amazing i tell ya.
now i speak at a number of engagements on a weekly basis. however talking about the love of design with a twist of thrift is certainly new to me, but easy at the same time.
 i gave quite a few tips and even some secrets that i told that group not to share, with anyone. i believed they shared it with everyone they came in contact with. lol
i did my best to make it as entertaining and informative as possible. lol. tey did a lot of laughing at my corny jokes. lol.
this was the very first time i used my ipad for a presentation and it is so much easier than a laptop. the first day i didn't orient my pages correctly and the auto-lock kept popping up. however, by the second day i was ready for visuals.
 what an amazing group of women (and men...lol)

so i have absolutely no photos of my own. i brought my camera, but it remained in my suitcase the entire time (way ta go carraway). so i am using pictures from attendees and anyone else who doesn't mind me sharing.

did you attending my thrifting 101 session at haven 2012?
do you have a few photos of the thrifting 101 session? want to share them?

well go ahead!!!

photo sharing