i love thrifting day

i love thrifting day is one day out of the year when thrifters all over the world celebrate the art of thrifting. it is a time to meet new friends, connect with old ones and share the love a a good find.
  #ilovethrifting (hashtag) day is july 7th, 2012. it takes place all over the world.
being an official host for #ilovethrifting day is exciting and will take a little planning on the part of the host.

a typical day for an #ilovethrifting day host goes a little like this.

9am : meet and greet and breakfast (a sponsoring location would be great)
10am: visit the first store
11:15: visit second store
noon: lunch
1pm: final store and sharing finds.

last year a number of thrift stores offered discounts to those wearing official #ilovethrifting t-shirts. many of them have agreed to do it again.

last year we had an awesome time and you can read our recap HERE.

shirts are still available for a LIMITED time so that they can be shipped out. go HERE to purchase in time for the big day. all official hosts, with groups of more than 50 people in official t-shirts will be sent a different t-shirt for the event.

i am also going to throw a party to the group that has the largest official count of thrifters (over 50 people). yup you heard right, i will be depending on the host to campaign for their group.

groups can be from your church, sorority and even your neighborhood.

i will give more information this week.

#ilovethrifting day!!!!!