well it's thursday. granted i thought yesterday was thursday.
 remember on last week when i said that i would be in new york hosting a pop-up shop for my birthday? well here are a few pictures from the photographer i hired. 

hosting a pop-up shop for the first time was so fun. a lot of work but exciting. it was great to meet a number of well-dressed gentlemen in brooklyn as well as so many supportive women. i made a few sales, which is good, but i made some excellent contacts through networking.
 believe it or not, i am not the best at networking. most of my friends have no clue that i actually have an online retail shop. i hate to brag and so often i confuse bragging with making my services known. i will get the hang of it soon.
one of the amazing things i love about vintage clothing, is that they can be so unique to the point that no one will ever have anything as authentic but me. i found this blazer while i was out one day and i probably hopped over the aisles to get it. i actually saw it right as i was walking in.
this photo is hilarious. it surely looks as if i am saying, "you expect me to believe that?" that left eyebrow does a thing of its own sometimes. lol seriously, tho, we were talking about her husband who dresses in corporate america attire, her eldest soon who is my complexion and dresses preppy and her youngest son who is more of a conservative. still a funny picture
 give me a mic and i will shut. it down. lol.
told ya.
in the world of menswear everyone has their own style. mine style has always been mixing vintage with modern pieces.
as you can see i only brought a few of my best pieces to new york. i will be visiting another city very soon. perhaps its yours.