$595 vs $1.49

good monday everyone. how was your weekend?

mine was amazing. its grateful just to be alive. ya know?
for the most part i know many of you like pretty table settings. me? i can or i cant. it doesn't matter to me. i will say that taking the extra effort to to set an amazing table does create a nice little atmosphere and your guests will appreciate the kind gesture.
if you have been following women's fashion blogs or PINTEREST boards you will certainly see that this PIN of the miu miu gingham ladies shoes was quite popular. they also retailed for $595. when they went on sale a lot of fashion forward ladies pulled out the plastic and indulged.

i get it.

gingham just does something to folks. whether on a pair of shoes, a shirt, a dress or even a pocket square...we love gingham.
when i came across this set of four gingham napkins for $1.49, i figured they were so inexpensive i might as well get them and create a tablescape around them. i mean it beats the $595 price of the ladies shoes right?
i am often asked where do i get inspiration from. as you can clearly see inspiration can come from anywhere everywhere. that is the beauty about life. there are so many amazing things to keep us inspired to create and live a full life.
creating a tablescape can be very expensive, however, it doesn't have to be. thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets are excellent sources for finding cheap items to create a bountiful table setting. normally you can find plates, glass ware and sometimes flatware for all under $1, perhaps around 25 cents if its a true bargain. 
the key to having a balanced tabletop is to mix high and low end pieces. often times people buy everything from a thrift store and honestly...it looks thrifted. while each item on this tabletop were purchased second hand the elegance comes by way of te mix of finishes.

the brass monogram chargers were picked up in new york, the table cloth was purchased at a fabric outlet, the plates were thrifted and the forks were from target.

the inspiration behind this blog is to inspire you to get a high end look without spending a lot. now if you want the cheapy look...well.
when creating a table, a room or a outfit, i always have a starting point. something inspirational. something bold. in this case it was the gingham napkins. i didn't want anything to take away from the presence of the blue gingham so i use a fairly neutral base so the blue could pop. if possible i used a metal accent. here, it was gold.
if i set a table i like it to be practical as well as pleasing to the eye. the ties and the pears were items that i already had on hand in my home, so i decided to get a little creative with the centerpiece. while i didnt use fresh flowers as a center point they would have been excellent in this vintage wine chiller.

so ladies, if you didn't get a chance to spend $595 on yourself or fellas if you didn't get a chance to impress her with a pair of miu miu gingham heels, this $1.49 inspiration tablescape may save the day.

so tell me do you like gingham as much as a good chunk of the world does? lol

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