friday finds...

well its another edition of friday finds here on the blog.
i understand that not everyone sees the amazing potential stuff has. even as much as much so that people walk all over the good stuff. like this cabinet. it was $90. i thought it was a great buy if the dimensions were right for you. great storage, paint over that hideous brown, keep the marble top. yeah. no room in my house for it.
musical instruments can sometimes be a hit or miss while thrifting. but i've been pretty successful as i've found a hammond organ (the baby b-3) and even a saxophone. sometimes they are overpriced, but hey...
i thought this was a pottery barn desk at first, but nope, it was a old sewing machine table. it has the opening at the top. i think the price on this was pretty good. ican't remember. it was made of solid wood that i know for sure.
ive never met a good quality briefcase i didnt like. this one was much more than i wanted to pay, but after doing some research, i got a very good deal. very. ahem. good. ahem. deal. must take it for a test drive soon.
i am not real sure what this is. however, it has a very asian type feel to me. of course painted black, a nice red or a lime green would kick it up a notch.
my favorite find is a jacket very similar to this one. this image was found on pinterest and its a great example of the blazer i came across. side vented and all.

any of these grab your attention?