thrifting 102

i think by now many of us have gotten the inside scoop on how to find deals, what stores are the best and what are the perfect times to shop thrift store for home decor. then again maybe not. however, we cant stay in first gear too long. so that means its time to go a little higher.

i get so many emails about what to do with pieces found at second hand stores, side-of-the-road hand me downs, whatev. so, i figured the best ting is to move to step number two, which is...

making those thrift store pieces beautiful.

this thrifting 102, seminar will give you tips, sources and product information on how to get that polished look youve seen in all of my projects.

so, where do you start  after pouring over thousands of images on PINTEREST? why does my piece look crappy? its peeling...HELP!

i will tell you but you'll have to join me in charlotte, nc for the "thrifting 102" seminar so we go a little deeper and a little further in turning the blah into the beautiful.

the seminar will take place on saturday august 11, 2012 at 10am and will last one solid hour. the registration is only $10 for a solid hour of good teaching and a ton information.

the space we will gather in has very limited seating so that means the seminar seating will be limited as well.

so click below or above to register.