a few photos from london

i am sooo happy to be over here in london.

here are just a few photos from the previous days. with limited internet access it is a challenge to blog, but here are a few of some of the sights and sounds of london.
i picked up this amazing vintage luggage before i left for london on saturday. i thought this piece had a great london vibe to it. surprisingly it wasne very heavy during check in and i can actually get a lot of stuff in it!
century old buildings are such a common sight here. its still amazing to see that they have survived this long.
this boat ride to dinner the first night is a constant reminder of how i could not hang the first day. lol. jet lag got the best of me and it took everything i had in me to stay awake. ha! failed. i fell asleep at dinner only to find a mile high burger at my seat when i got up from my nap. lol.
on the streets of london!

i have a lot more pictures and as soon as i return, i will share them all. i mean all of them and some pictures of other folks. lol

happy friday...wait is it saturday?