i almost tripped over them...

happy labor day monday!

did you enjoy the weekend or are you still enjoying it...lol.
me? well there are no real holidays when trying to build a business. seriously. anyway...
i have a question. is there anyone here who loves grasscloth wallpaper as much as i do?
grasscloth adds so much texture to a space. the truth is you don't really need a lot of it for it to have an amazing impact in a room. just a corner, a nook, or a single wall will really do the trick.
i don't think they have caught on yet, but i go into ralph lauren and try on clothes just because of the grasscloth wallpaper in the dressing rooms. its designed so effortlessly with stacked-crisp-white moldings. design crushing over here.
wallpaper is considered a natural wall covering so it is also eco-friendly. but let me be real with you guys for a moment. i would like it even if it was so much eco-friendly. don't judge. 
honestly, every since i started seeing the wallpaper i have always wanted some. i never took the plunge to buy any because i am renting right now. no need in spending a lot money for something that i cant use at the present. im on a budget remember? lol
if grasscloth is incorporated correctly it can really add a bout of elegance to a space.
 whether in a small or large space, powder room or
even in a kitchen, grasscloth is just the right element to add an extra layer of texture to a room.
so imagine my surprise when i almost tripped over 6 rolls of grasscloth wallpaper, yesterday while i was out and about. (insert church dance right here.) 
seriously. i am for sure i had come through this particular area already, i didn't see them. when i came back they were rolling around on the floor. i think a lot of people still have this idea that wallpaper is old foogy, so i am sure that's why it was still there and two because ive never mentioned this store on the blog. its my little secret. same place i found the drafting table. ummm hmmm.
i didn't get a chance to do a little research on the wallpaper company until i got home. let me tell ya, this was a great buy. i am always leery about giving out prices here on the blog, because i don't want to be the reason someone else goes into a store and its like 3 times the price, but anyway. each roll was less than $2!

yea i know. although this particular line is no longer being manufactured it would have probably gone for around $80-$100 a roll. eeek! worth the investment tho.

so what am i going to do with it? nothing. well not yet. i am saving it for my apartment or my house that ill hopefully come sooner rather than later.

so grasscloth...could you love it for $2 a roll?

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