the strangest thing happened...

over the weekend.

albeit i should have stayed my hind parts home, i went out thrifting anyway.
while headed to the register i realized everything created this amazing storyboard for the perfect space. honestly, it was the strangest thing.
normally when i go in to a second hand store i head straight for the men's clothing area, because i am always eager to pick up another great suit (whether i wear it or not). after not really seeing anything i wanted, i glanced over at the quilts and sheets and BAM!
this red plaid fabric was just hanging there. the main reason this spoke to me was it is my favorite color, red. bright red at that. when i opened it up it was honestly just a wide piece of fabric. i'm not sure if it was a blanket or what.  bought it.
then i ventured over to the "what not" area, or the "if you touch anything everything is going to fall" area, as i like to call it.

i saw one of these paddles and was like hmmm. if there is one, there must be two. so like an excavator in an indiana jones movie, i delicately peeled away frames, wooden apples, this and that to look for something else (i cant really say what, because then a few folks will start looking for them and then i wont have them anymore. not too worry, i'm sure its nothing any of you want. just a few locals)
and there was the other one. there were a few spots and blemishes on the other one, but hey that's what we call character.
as i went to the check out i saw this necklace. originally i thought it was a bike chain. nope. it was a necklace from jcrew. nope. i didnt need it, but i have a sister (mom doesn't really wear necklaces and thangs), so i bought it for her.

let me go back and talk about the shoes in the first picture. i honestly have never bought shoes from a thrift store before. im a very selective with my footwear and i dont like cheaply made shoes. however, lately i have been finding some really nice loafers. i am thinking they will be the perfect candidate for a makeover for the fall.

well that was my weekend. last week was really rough for me and i honestly went thrifting to clear my head. locating unique items honestly changes my mood.

hope your weekend was better than mine.