blogtour sponsor: and so to bed

sorry about friday finds being posted on a thursday (yesterday). i was for sure that thursday was friday. the good thing is that i now have two fridays in my week! lol
i still have quite a bit of photos and sponsors to highlight from my most recent trip to london. one of the highlights of the trip was out sponsor and so to bed, a luxury bedding company that offers exclusive linens and other accessories for the home. i think i should have made this place my first stop when i arrived to london, because i had serious jet lag and was struggling to stay awake the first day. lol

when we arrived to and so to bed, we were greeted by these two lovely ladies who served us tea, biscuits and jam. i mean what better way to say hello, than with beautiful women in serving hot tea in vintage tea cups and plates.
this mirrored bed really caught my attention. you know i am all for a little bling in ya life.

we did test out quite a bit of furniture and even had time to learn about the actual history behind the company itself. i am such a sucker for random knowledge.

please visit and so to bed to check out more of their amazing pieces. if you arent in london, no worries they have a state side operation...georgia i believe.

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