The Carraway Concept: Billy Reid

i have been so consume with my online business and creating beautiful and custom lapel pins for guys that i don't often get out to socialize. well let's be honest, i didn't socialize much before i started my business. despite my love for fashion, i am not a frequent visitor of fashion shows. when i got news that billy reid, an icon in the menswear was coming to charlotte, i put it on my calendar to be there.
this is what i wore.

the event was great and a i learned something very powerful from one of billy reid's managers, he said that before billy reid there was "william reid" this line had a showing on september 10, 2001, the day before "9/11." after such a horrific day his line ultimately suffered and ended up going belly up. the company was relaunched as billy reid and the success is evident.
if nothing else one of the stories behind billy reid is that one should NEVER give up on something they are passionate about.

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