5 last minute decorating tips...

i dodged hosting thanksgiving at my house this year. with family closer to my hometown it would quite a challenge to maneuver 2hrs from house-to-house to see every one.


in case you are hosting family and friends for thanksgiving or any other season and need a quick facelift for your home, here are...
 you can use to make a huge impact in your home.
number 1: pillows
pillows can really change the mood of a space. for the ladies pillows are like shoes. the right pair can really set your outfit in the right direction and the wrong pair can really make you look awkward. for the guys. lol. its the same. you must choose wisely. 
mixing patterned pillows can provide a custom look without spending a lot of money. be careful though, you want it to look professional, not kitschy (unless that's your thing).
for the bedroom perhaps all you need is maybe a pillow or two (granted you have amazing wallpaper). 

if you are really unsure about the look you want for your place, hop around my PINTEREST boards to get some ideas. the great thing about last minute shopping (outside of being stressful) is that there could quite possibly be sales. there are many so many places you can visit to pick up pillows. my favorites are, homegoods, zgallerie, pottery barn and target. dont forget about your local boutiques, they would love to have you business. 
 number 2: paint

i know painting may seem like an arduous process for a last minute decorating tip, but if you can paint something small that has a huge impact you are in it for the win. the above photo is from an amazing design project, but the coffee table gives inspiration that with just a few hours and the right color you can really breathe life into your space. if you dont find any like this, i am sure a trip to your local home improvement store can yield similar results. 
 number 3: nailhead trim

i saw this on pinterest and though, "they nailed it. literally." i have a ziplock bag fully of nailheads that i used on my sofa over a year ago. with just a few hours on your hands you could literally transform a plain piece into something really custom. with the above piece a guide really isnt needed because the piece is quite contemporary and has all straight edges. 
if you want to try something fancy, how about this for inspiration. this homeowner used a basic ikea cabinet and added her own creative touch with nailhead trim. imagine the possibilities you can create in just a few hours. 

 number 4: accessories 

i am not a huge fan of lil knick knacks around my house. makes my itch and want to throw stuff away. however, if properly arranged they can make your home seem all the more personal.  this may be the time to bring out some of those souvenirs you your received from your aunts trip to an estate sale. she will certainly appreciate it.
number 5: recover lampshades

with the diy craze in an upror the options for recovering old lampshades is limited to your imagination. these lampshades like pillows, can really add an extra layer of interest to your home. 

in my own space all of my lampshades are black. its my thing. if you have a thing you can pick up a few yards of fabric and recover a few or all of the lampshades in your space. quite simple isnt it. 

with a just a few days left for thanksgiving, the one thing you wont have to worry about and that quick and easy tips to spruce up your place for the holidays. 

did you enjoy these?

what others do you have?

**all photos pulled from pinterest**