friday finds

my thoughts and prayers are with those that were in the path of hurricane sandy. i can honestly say ive experienced a hurricane, so i know the devastation. perhaps these friday finds could brighten your day.
i saw this piece out of the corner of my eye while i was at the register. its sad that i dont drive an suv anymore. i would have loaded this one up, take it home. high lacquer it in black (of course you knew that) and spray paint those handles gold. would be a handsome piece in my home.
im sure its no longer available, but this excellent wingback was only $69.99. i say excellent because it appears to have been brand new or just came back from the upholsterer. listen you couldnt buy this chair and have it redone for cheaper. i think next week i will start my search for an suv. costo that may not be a good thing as i may start hauling everything i see. notice i used the word hauling and not hoarding. lol. 
i spotted these vintage prints from the window. i thought they had just the right amount of age to them to give my space a little more character.
finding amazing vintage treasures is getting just a bit tougher with the height of popularity of second hand shopping. so if you see something that you havent seen before and the price is right and they want haggle (which most aren't doing these days) it and cut your loss else where. eh?

so these are a few of my finds this week. what do you think? did you come across anything? do share.