Home for the Holidays Giveaway

i woke up this morning after reading a suggestion from one of my facebook followers and i thought wouldnt it be great to give a deserving family a beautiful space for the holidays?

that is what i want to do, but i will NEED your HELP!

transforming spaces and lives are my passions in life. it really does something to my spirit to see so many lives changed when they walk in to a beautiful home.

would you consider donating any amount to help change a family's life for the better?

while some companies will donating their time and resources other companies will not. so we have to pay for it. which is fine. however, those costs can add up...quickly.

so here is where we are.

if you want to be a sponsor for this #holidayhomemaker (our social media hashtag) and you dont have a lot of red tape, i would love to give you free press here on the blog and whereever we can to say thank you.

if the money that is raised is significant i may even include a few how to videos as part of this process.

want to help email mr.goodwillhunting@gmail.com and use the subject line "HOLIDAY HOME"

more details to follow.

questions? comments? list them below.

the DONATE tab is on the left side bar.

I cannot wait to give a special family a beautiful space.