this is where i get i get it from...

one of my good friends had her wedding this weekend and i was one of the wedding singers. yep. its no surprise, i have been singing since i was little. i do it quite often.
one of the amazing things about this wedding was that mom, made quite a few pieces for the wedding which included her dress.
she was still putting the finishing touches on it when i arrived home over the weekend. i was a bit nervous that she wouldn't finish in time. since she has been sewing for herself and others for nearly 40 years, she wasn't nervous. at all.
she also made 3 of the junior brides maid dresses. these are only two of them. the 3rd one was having a melt down.
lastly, she took some of the wedding fabric and made me a nice bowtie. yep. she did.

so as you can see mom is where i get most of my fashion and style inspiration from.

**mom also made one more dress but i havent gotten permission from that person to post her photo**