holiday gift guide...for him...

a know quite a few guys who are like me. we dont want typical socks for the holidays. nah. i can buy that on a thursday. so i figured if any of you have stylish and modern gentlemen you are searching for here are a few items i am certain they would love.
1. get him a gift certificate to buy some GROWN MAN CLOTHES from a local tailor or a high end shop. express, banana republic and j crew are all wonderful places to shop for men. i am partial to j crew and banana republic, but every now and then a guy needs a least one suit that is made specifically for him. the experience of having a bespoke suit made is unlike any other. these suits are investments. they aren't cheap and neither is the quality. most suits will start around $600 or perhaps $1200. if that is out of your budget a great crisp custom white shirt is always a winner. if you are still unsure, a gift card is perfect and he can choose what he wants.

2. when a guy turns 13, he should not only be hitting puberty and liking boobies, but he should also STOP wearing pre-tied bowties. BOWTIES are pretty easy to tie, if you practice. a custom bowtie is a great gift because it can be worn out to a swank dinner, holiday party and especially new years eve. there are several sources to purchase great quality hand crafted bowties. skip the department stores and pick up one made by a small business. 

3. so most guys like listening to music on the go. if your guy is predominately a non driver and commutes a good length of time on a day-to-day basis, a QUALITY set of HEADPHONES is ideal. this will drown out a lot of the whah wah wamp, around him. in the south we drive everywhere, but when i am home i love listening to my favorite artists, so these are also great for the at home businessman. 

4. a dining experience away from the comforts of your home is great. so find a great RESTAURANT and get him a nice sizable gift certificate to dine there. now you must play your cards right so that you are the one he takes with him. if you want to get a bit fancy try buying one in a great city, that way it can be a nice little get-away. 

5. gq, playboy and esquire are all great magazines, really they are. however, THE RAKE, trumps all of them. this magazine is like the bentley amongst hondas. while hondas are reliable you need a bit more change to drive the bentley. so it is with the rake magazine. a subscription to the rake magazine is a perfect gift for the modern and stylish gentlemen. the editorials high lights some of the best in the industry like ralph lauren and tom ford. this magazine would look good on his coffee table. 

6. point and shoot cameras are not him. the iphone is great, but he needs a sexy CAMERA. a dslr camera or something close to it, will really get him in the mood for taking pictures. how great is it for your guy friend to become budding photographer. even if it is a hobby, the images he capture now will be worth reminiscing over years from now. 

7. personally i hate cheap shoes. yes. i buy them every now and then, but getting him a top of the line quality pair of SLIPPERS, oxfords or the like is essential. now bespoke shoes can set you back a few thousand dollars. so be careful. a great loafer or slipper would be an excellent gift for him. there was a time when velvet slippers were the norm. today not so much, though i wish it were. 

alright these are seven things you can buy me...i meant him...for the holidays!