VIP service

sourcing classic vintage menswear for myself is amazing. when i decided to take turn it into a small business i realized i had found my niche, well one of them.

i have been scouring many unlikely places to bring classic pieces back to their former glory by styling them and offering them to gentlemen around the world. its like having your own personal shopper at your fingertips.

one of the main concerns has been items go so quickly and people never really get a chance to see what is available. well i have fixed that with my VIP SERVICE.

the VIP SERVICE will allow you an exclusive peek at ALL new items arriving to the shop days before it goes public. thats right. amazing blazers, suits, sweaters and so much more will be in your inbox first,  giving you an opportunity to buy them before everyone else.

this service will official start in january 2013. with scheduled buying trips all across the region there is no telling what may pop up from month to month.

you can click VIP SERVICE to learn more.