my NEW HOUSE...sort of

has it been busy around these parts? yes. before i go any further, if you are interested in an INTERNSHIP or PART-TIME position with Mr. Goodwill Hunting and Rashon Carraway Designs, please email us your resume and in the subject line write "INTERNSHIP or PART-TIME" about this new house...sort of.

for quite the time i have been really intrigued with shipping container homes (some call them storage container homes). i guess my initial attraction to them was the fact they were so inexpensive to buy and could really be formatted into a pretty swank design. lets take a look at a few.
when i first saw them i thought they would be a great project for mr. goodwill hunting. this would be great as n eco-friendly movement and would certainly make a NEW HOUSE for me, sort of.

as i began to look further, i realized i was only scratching the surface of the possibilities of what shipping containers can do. take a look.
wow. amazing.

i truly do believe this is the start of a great eco-friendly movement. and to imagine that the idea really started off like this...
...a way of creating housing for the impoverished.

since this isn't a short term or long term planning idea for me, i won't go into details regarding price, zoning restrictions or how they are made. honestly, i just don't know.

i do know that the idea is fantastic and it worth exploring.

perhaps this may be my new house...sort of...

so could you live in a shipping container home?