how to wear a vintage suit...

wearing vintage clothing is currently the trend...for many. for the rest of us, we have been drawn to the quality and uniqueness of these pieces for years. after wearing a number of vintage suits for quite some time and ultimately opening up my online shop, i realize many people struggle to with how to wear a vintage a modern way.


i figured i would share how i do it.
because vintage suits are not custom made for most buyers, getting the proper FIT is essential to a timeless look. the shoulder width is a great starting point in making sure the size will work for you. sizing numbers have changed over the years, so attempting to located a numerical size can often fool you. so make sure the jacket fits in the shoulders. the sides can be taken in for a more custom look.

a jacket arm length should fall directly in the palm of the hand. and the jacket itself should cover the butt. i know its trendy to wear short jackets, but that is for people who do not dress in classic style. big difference.

most vintage pants will have a flair to them. bell bottoms. i do not like bell bottoms, so i simply take them in to be tapered or straighten out.

after fit, comes accessorizing.
since vintage suits are already dated its, essential to balance them out with modern fixings. when choosing colors, the key element to making it work is to treat it like a cast. there needs to be a lead print and a co starring print or prints.

a major rule to provide balance and not make yourself looks like you just stepped out of willy wonka's chocolate factory. (please note, some guys like that look. meh).

so there you have it. a few excellent tips on how to wear a vintage suit.
*details: suit, lapel flower and pocket square are from, shirt is ralph lauren purple label, tie is by brooks brothers, shoes are magninni, socks?, accessories are vintage.*