these will look GREAT in the studio...

so i made a quick trip out yesterday and guess what i ran into?
if you guessed my old principal, that's not correct. however, if you guessed the above bookcases then you are surely right on the money. for the studio i need storage. right now there are fourish walls. two are concrete and brick, one is a wall of windows and the last is a normal wall. so there is virtually NO storage whatsoever and i gotta have storage. 

having a studio or a workroom means storage is necessary. while id like everything to be all decorated and magazine ready, it wont do any good to have a studio if there is no functionality before form. 

so these were only $102 each. now that was a bit steep for my budget, BUT i considered the fact that they were solid wood and already built. the supplies and labor alone for one of these display shelves is totally worth it. 

so where did i get them from?


hobby lobby.

if you have a hobby lobby nearby, you might want to head on over because these were the old display cases and they are installing new ones. well at least in my city.

anyone need bookcases?

come back tomorrow and we will talk about what to to with them.