remember that bar cart?

 on last week i showed you guys THIS BARCART i saw while skipping through target. ok. i wasn't really skipping, but my sheer excitement made me feel as if i should have skipped a bit. after having a very heart to heart conversation with my best friend about my time management, i realized i needed to buy another laptop to be efficient. so i did. its not expensive.
well i was in bed, on my new cheap laptop, working on some things and came across this amazingly styled photo with the barcart from target! when i saw it. i knew i wanted it, but i want it even more now. the catch is, i dont drink, so i wouldnt have a need for it. perhaps i can get creative and use it for something else.

someone actually said HERE they found it on sale!

i have a good feeling these wont be around very long. are you going to go pick one up? do ya need it?