5 thrifting tips for December

december is a magical time of year. really. it is. this is the time of year when amazing stuff shows up to your thrift stores because of tax write offs and people trying to make a brand new start for the new year. with that in mind here are 5 tips to help you navigate this hectic month at your local thrift store.

1. be careful
just as there are numerous of scam artist that attempt to take advantage of people and their goodwill, some thrift stores (large chains) will sort of kinda do the same. they will raise the price during this time of year. so be careful that you are not overpaying. unless of course that is what you want to do and if so...

2. grab and go
if there is an item that catches your eye on the rack or on the self. grab it and then go check it out later. i can't tell all of the times i was looking at something about to make my way to get get it and someone darts out in front of me like a wild stallion and scoops it up. always remember looking at it is not a commitment, its just looking (this can be applied to relationships too. i think)

3. open your BIG mouth and say something
i remember years ago i was in goodwill and the worker was bringing out brand new lamps after brands new lamps from target and putting them on the shelves. i was being a gentlemen and was going to wait until he unloaded them all and go in for the kill. little did i know this old woman said,

"baby hand me them two lamps right there."

i was like.

"oh no she didnt! them the lamps i wanted!!"

sigh too late. should have opened my big mouth and at least made reference that i wanted them so even if he could give them to me. i could have at least made it known. they were mine!
sort of.

4. your phone was made for this
thrift stores are getting hip to treasures they may posses. i mean after a painting sells for $30,000 wouldnt you be too? however, in all of the hype, always do a little research before you purchase it. if your local thrift store has it in a glossy display cased priced waaaay out the roof, do a simple internet search to see if there is any value in it. cell phones are easily becoming  a go to source for almost everything. speaking of cell phone. where is mine?

up. nevermind. its right here. under my leg.

5. shhhhhh.
i know you want to scream it from the mountain top that you paid $3.99 for that jcrew peacoat, but ummm you know they are watching us. so perhaps its great to share your wonderful find, but not share the price.
truth. i have seen items go up nearly 5 times in the course of a month. eventually thrift stores will no longer be the place of hidden treasures, but another retail store for vintage stuff.

well. these are 5 tips for december. i will have more next time.