right before i walked out...

i visited one of my favorite second hand stores on saturday. it was quite a roller coaster ride in that there was a 3 piece suit that i wanted, but we couldnt find the pants. of course i was a bit impatient and wanted to just buy the suit as is, but they wanted to call in the manager because they didnt want to sell it with out the pants. sigh. i didnt have time to wait, but i did.

to make a long story even longer, calling the manager was a good thing, because i got the pieces for 90% off!

right before i walked out, i saw this.
it was actually sold. by the talks of it the lady in front of me purchased it.
but its really nice. not really my style, but i thought you guys may wanted to see it. it has a nice shabby chic look to it. almost perfect as is.

if you had found this piece,

where would you put it?