5 ways to update a dresser

happy thursday! 

when most of us hop at thrift stores for furniture we always look at a piece and think, "maybe i could paint it blue or another shade of black" those are great ideas but here are a 5, perhaps easy ways to update a dresser from a thrift store or even one that you already have. 

okay. sooo adding a huge flower is only easy if you are an artist or perhaps if you can draw, but still its pretty great. 
this fun and funky take on the british flag (union jack flag) is pretty amzing. especially if you were to use it in a girl room as a statement piece. 
get an old map. cover the front of the drawers with it. 
wallpaper, wrapper paper or any other kinda of decorative paper can be used as drawer lining. just make sure you use the appropriate adhesive. 
when i saw this i kinda smile. simply paint the entire inside and side of a drawer the same color. this would be an added surprise to on a gloomy monday morning. 

how awesome were these? i found all of these amazing ideas HERE.

which one did you like best? do you have an easy way to update an old tired dresser? do share!!