10 AWESOME chair makeovers

happy monday everyone. lets talk about chair makeovers.
everyone loves an amazing before and after. and a chair transformation is no different. 
since i do have any chairs to makeover at this time, i decided to round up 10 amazing chair makeovers to give you little bit of inspiration. 


want to see the before.. CLICK HERE 
want to see the before...CLICK HERE 
want to see more...CLICK HERE 
want to see how it was done...CLICK HERE
see the before by CLICKING HERE 

yea. i know its only 5. lol. after i had them all uploaded i realized it may be an overload for ideas. so i coming back later on this week with the other 5.

which makeover is your favorite?
do you have any to share?
you do?
well let's talk about it in the comments!