man room monday

happy monday everyone! 
when someone says  "man room", i'm sure many of you think of leather sofas, large tvs and beer cans. while that may be true for 80% of man rooms, i tend to lean towards a more posh and designed space. 

this weekend i was perusing images for inspiration and i came across this space found here. while it technically isn't a man room, it surely has all of the elements of a well designed space. 

i am one that embraces the proper mixing of patterns, a little wood tone and some custom pieces; this room delivers on all level. i appreciate the effort that makes this room feels like it is well designed without being too forced. so often room that are handled by interior designer and stylists have all too often looked like they have been designed and thats it. i do appreciate the notion of making a room look like the money thats been spent, but i am more eager to feel as if the space is a true reflection of the client or current home owner. 

well. i hope each of you have a great monday...i will be back later this week with part 2 of this.

thank you for stopping by.