6 Items for UNDER $20 (from the thrift store)

If you only had 20 dollas in your pocket and you were going to the thrift store, here are 10 things you can buy.

1. Mirrors
For the longest time a mirror painted a vibrant color or a simple black and white color has been the it thing for inexperienced DIYer. Most times you can get a mirror for under or around $20. If it costs more than that, make sure it is worth it or just keep searching. They are out there. 

2. Jewelry 
Aside from the simple fact you can wear vintage jewelry you can easily RE purpose cheap earrings for a number of craft projects and often they can be bought for just a few dollars. 

3. Bowls/Small Dishes 
After you go crazy buying all those cute lil pieces of jewelry, you are going to need somewhere to store them and random small bowls or dishes are great for this. Many times dishes can be as low as 49 cents! 

4. Books 
The number is uses for books (not including magazines) is limitless. Book are another one of those items that are very inexpensive and can make a great impact, from decorating to discovering great stories. 

5. Lamps
With all of the amazing makeovers in the last couple of years it seems as if the prices of lamps at thrift stores have sky rocketed! However, if you look hard enough, you should be able to find lamps for around $8 - $10. If they cost more than that, you should probably just go to HomeGoods or a department store. 

6. Silver Trays
Silver trays can been used for so many things in your home. With there being so many different types of trays in thrift stores you can have such a wide variety and they are so inexpensive.