Thrifting in Savannah, GA...

Happy Monday Everyone!
This weekend I went back to Savannah to visit the homeowners of this PATIO MAKEOVER which I did for the Nate Berkus Show a few years ago. I had such an amazing time with dinner parties, brunches, shopping and of course thrifting. I will admit, the thrifting was slim pickings and this was all I found.
These two pieces were the only two pieces that were worth taking a photo of. I didn't really investigate them much further as they really needed a lot of work. Honestly, that's it. lol. There was another thrift store that was further out, I did not venture to (I should have) and there was the Goodwill in downtown Savannah. Even though the thrifting wasn't amazing. I did snap a few photos on INSTAGRAM of the charming Savannah city.
The last time I visited Savannah, I was so impressed with this store called "The Paris Market". The stuff is kind of expensive, but there were so many neat little items. I wanted to buy sooo much, but I utilized restraint. 
The buildings were so magnificent. Even though I have been to the city a number of times, I am always in awe.
There were so many great pieces and ideas for the home til it was crazy! Look at the bull mount. I saw a white one in HomeGoods and I think they sell the white ones in Target as well. What an amazing DIY project! 
Look at this amazing dinner prepared my Ms. Nancy. The ham was delicious (thank you Mr. Charlie)!
Although the thrifting wasn't amazing I had a great time in Savannah over the weekend.

Have you ever been to Savannah? If you have what were your favorite spots?