decorating the studio...FINALLY

If you remember on THIS POST, i moved my business into a very small studio. To date it has been a year since I have been in the space and its about time I started really putting it to great use. So, I am.

I want to mix contemporary with the industrial features currently in the loft. As with all projects there is inspiration. Here are a few images that will drive the direction of redoing the space.

I like both of these spaces, because they are very neutral, yet the pack in a lot texture. 
My studio is right above 360 square feet, so I am going to have to use every inch of the space, because it will serve dual purposes, one for designing the other for small intimate events. 
By: Atomosphere Design 

Because the space is industrial, I am fortunate to have exposed brick and two large windows, which means I will have to make an attempt to add window treatment. That can get expensive, but I already know dropcloths will be used. Cheap and easy to customize. 

These are just a few images that will inspire what I am going to do in the space. 

Here are the before 

Oh the task that lies ahead!