Dinner Party Details

Happy Friday Everyone!

What a week it has been for me. I was locked in the house for two whole days because I was getting a new HVAC system. No one told me that was an almost a 20 hour job! Nevertheless, the new system is in. I would say its cool in the house, but its not. So I won't. lol

In the past I have always entertained and hosted dinner parties, but slacked off over the last few years for different reasons. While I was in DC, I thought about hosting a dinner party for my birthday in my studio. that never came to past as things just didn't fall into place. So when I returned from DC, I decided to take the studio for a test run and see if I could actually host an intimate dinner party. Well, as you know, last weekend, I hosted the first installment of #RashonsDinnerSeries. Although none of my guest realized it was a test run, the even was amazing. This 360 square foot studio did the job quite well. 
After calling around to a number of restaurants and getting measurements from them of their dining spaces, I then knew I could do it. 
There was a lot of planning involved in order to make the space serve as a backdrop for my guests. Some of the details are not readily seen, but the dinner party would not be the same if they weren't in place. The most important thing was lighting. I spent a lot of time researching trying to make the best choices when adding the lights. I wanted to make sure the lights could serve multiple purposes. 
Because this is a studio loft, there was no way I could afford to hard wire new lighting. Plus I am only renting. So, as a solution, I added track lighting and used colored flood bulbs. The best decision. The overhead lampshade from Ikea were perfect. Id seen them before but didnt have a use for them, but came full circle when I needed the space filler. I added pink bulbs to the oversize shades. 
Pretty much all of the tablescape was picked up from various Dollar Trees I visited. I dont really spend a lot of decor because it is so temporal. Of course if a client wanted to go over and beyond, that could be arranged. 
Oh yes. Under table light is essential. It adds that special touch.

If you enjoyed these photos and would like an invitation to the next diner party please click HERE.