Bedroom Makeover | Sneak Peek

Happy Wednesday Everyone! 

I have been popping in and out of HomeGoods for the last few weeks sourcing items for my Annual Christmas Dinner as well as pieces for one of my client. Of course while I was in HomeGoods, I got the sudden urge to redecorate my bedroom. Here are a few images of some items I picked up and rather am thinking about adding to the space.
I found this lamps upon like the second visit this past week. Initially I was going to pick up two lamps at a thrift store and add two black lamp shades, but the cost of these lamps would have been equal to the cost of the shades, not including the lamps themselves, which normally run anywhere from $5 - $10. Well let me put it like this, all I am going to pay is $5 to $10. lol. These lamps were the perfect medium. I believe a balanced space is one that embraces, vintage (thrifty) and high end pieces.
I was looking for some sweaters for Mr. Benjamin and a twinkle of gold caught my eye in the little girls department. To my surprise, they were piggy banks made to look like faux gold bars. I picked up two. I mean I save change all the time and these will add just a touch of quirky to my space. I may buy more and just keep filling them, so I pretend like I have gold bars on deck. lol. (that was funny and y'all know
I have been looking for a particular fabric for quite some time and none of the local stores had anything I can use. There was one perfect option, but it was less than two yards and that was not nearly enough. So I ventured online and found this. I think this is going to be the option I go for.
Wanted this bench. However, its too long.

I have already bought the bed and I am waiting until the side chests go on sale. I mean. lol.

I think I am going to complete the bedroom in just one weekend. I'm ready to have my retreat back.
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