10 things to PAINT RED!

Valentine's day is coming up what better way to get in the spirit of valentine's day by spray painting some very inexpensive items...RED!

So here are 10 things you can paint red!
1. These basic plastic spoons are something amazing, when put together and spray painted red. So easy and cheap!

2. With the right amount of spray paint, a plains thrift store lamp can easily because a statement piece, especially if it is the color red. 

3. I think we all have seen these concrete or cast iron chairs hanging around a very old junk shop or even in your grandparents home. Well now you know what you can do with them (no I don't mean throw them out). 

4. Captain Obvious here. However, these chandeliers are all over your local thrift stores. You should buy one and paint it red. 
5. How about one of those old wicker chairs?
6. Now this is definitely an improvement. Normally I spray paint things white, but this red on these owls have given me much hope!

7. I do have an upcoming dinner party and these painted candlestick holders would be perfect!
8. No way!  A mini fridge? Just think of all of the possibilities you have to coordinate things little boxes of conveniences in your work space. Now I just need to go buy a mini fridge. 
9. I guess if you can paint a fridge why not a mixer? 
10. Lastly, how about simply spray painting items that all have something in common and displaying them. It surely does make a great display.