Oh my what a week!

Happy Friday my "Good" people. It has definitely been a week for sure. Can I just reflect for moment? Thanks.

This past weekend I hosted my annual "Gentlemen's Brunch" it was a success, of course. My team and I put a lot of thought and planning in it and we knew it would be a great treat for the guys. However, in the back of my mind, I just can't seem to ponder the many persons that verbally (on social media) said they were coming, going to support and so on, but when the event actually took place, they were ghost, nowhere to be found.  I often say the ones that proclaim the loudest are the ones the you should be careful for.

Although the brunch was a success, I've come to know one important thing and it is this. Don't wait for people to throw their support behind you. If you dont you may be waiting forever. Now some people may have legitimate reasons for not being able to keep a promise. I think. But what got me excited was knowing that if GOD gives his approval then you can go on with or without the support.

Y'all dont have to say amen. lol. You know in your own life people can be fickle when its time to play their cards.  Ha!

Regardless of who doesn't support, I never "show" my thoughts. What I do is make sure those who are supporters realize how much I appreciate them.

Are their people in your life you appreciate? Who are they? Do tell.

*picked these flowers near the house today and placed them in these candle holders I picked up from HomeGoods .*